Thursday, December 1, 2011

Give a Joy Jar This Holiday Season!

Once in a while, you stumble upon something that just gives you the warm fuzzies all over. And so I introduce to you a little girl who is turning her struggle into triumph.

Jessica Joy Rees is a smart 12 year old girl with bright eyes, an infectious smile and a love of swimming. She was also diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor earlier this year, which she and her family are fighting to help her overcome. Through her treatment, she witnessed other children undergoing their own struggles, many too sick to be able to go home with their family like she could. She saw how hard it was on them and she wanted to encourage them to NEGU, Never, Ever Give Up. She spoke with her family and found a way to do just that.

They began her charity, the NEGU Foundation, to provide support for other children and their families who were fighting against cancer, and also created Joy Jars, a special gift full of presents for the children.

For this holiday season, and even beyond, you can purchase a Joy Jar for your friends, family and/or colleagues, and the NEGU Foundation will also give one to a child in need. This is such a wonderful organization from such a brave little girl. Consider skipping that default bottle of wine or basket of unhealthy cookies, and send a gift that goes beyond just your giving, and helps bring hope to someone who needs it.

I'm so impressed by Jessica and her family and will keep them in my thoughts and prayers. Their decision to turn hardship into an opportunity to help others is truly remarkable and inspiring.


  1. What a lovely little girl…this is so sad, it made me cry, even though I know her courage and her mission are beautiful and good. What a sweet and bright girl.

  2. My boyfriend's company has been working with her to build the website and he says her and her dad are remarkable people. So sad for such a little one to be facing so much.

  3. Too Bad she died... Such a Beautiful little girl. Where is God in moments like these?

  4. It is very sad. I didn't know her, but her desire to appreciate every moment of her life and to never lose hope, and what that inspired in others, can't be ignored. Where is God in these moments? I guess in the lives of the people that remembered they shouldn't give up, no matter what happens. That perseverance, that grace, not taking anything for granted.