Sunday, October 2, 2011

FALL-ing In Love With Flowers

Autumn is by far my most favorite of seasons. As a child, we used to rake a mountain of leaves from our family's Sycamore tree, then plop down in it while eating plate-sized homemade chocolate chip cookies that my mom had just pulled from the oven. The Fall meant loved ones that had moved away would be coming home soon, and traditions that had started long before I was born would be re-enacted while surrounded by family and friends. School had started and new friends were being made, math and writing skills acquired and new books being poured over at night when I was supposed to be sleeping (My favorites were John D. Fitzgerald's 'The Great Brain' Series and anything by Roald Dahl.) The cooler temperatures make way for cozy sweaters and the savory, comforting flavors of warm spices and Fall produce are abundant everywhere, even at Starbucks! While the Spring may be when everything is in bloom, I feel the momentum and excitement that this time of year creates is more palpable, more convivial, than any other time of year.

To celebrate the change in season and all the beauty and bounty it holds, I've compiled some beautiful pictures of stunning Fall arrangements from around the web along with color sorted flowers that are available at this time of year. I hope this provides inspiration for those table-scapes and hostess gifts that you will no doubt be needing during the busiest holiday and party season of the year. Happy Arranging!

Red – Anthuriums, Chrysanthumum, Dahlias, Gerbera Daisy, Gloriosa Lily, Hypericum Berries, Phlox, Ranunculus, Rose, Skimmia, Sunflower, Tulips

Pink – Dahlia, Gerbera Daisy, Ginger, Hellebore, Hydrangea, Japanese Anemone, Phlox, Sedum, Sweet Peas, Zinnia

Orange – Chinese Lanterns, Gloriosa Lily, Ornamental Peppers, Persimmons, Pin Cushion Protea, Roses, Rose Hips, Vanda Orchids, Zinnia

Yellow – Black Eyed Susan, Dahlia, Gerbera Daisy, Marigolds, Narcissus, Sunflower, Zinnia

Green – Berzelia, Eucalyptus, Hellebore, Hydrangea, Lamb’s Ear, Ornamental Kale, Sage

*A great way to incorporate some green tones with delicious aromas is using fall herbs such as rosemary, sage and thyme.

Blue – Agapanthus, Cornflower, Hydrangea, Privet Berry, Scabiosa, Viburnum Berries

Purple/Lavender – Aster, Beauty Berry, Chrysanthumum, Cosmos, Dahlia, Delphinium, Hellebore, Hydrangea, Lilacs, Lisianthus, Monkshood, Oregano Blossoms, Ornamental Kale, Phlox, Pin Cushion, Russian Sage, Sweet Peas, Vanda Orchids, Verbena

White - Andromeda, Chrysanthumum, Coreopsis, Gerbera Daisy, Japanese Anemone, Lily of the Valley, Phlox, Roses, Viburnum

Brown - Browns require a bit of mixing and matching as there aren't a lot of pure brown flowers. Here are some suggestions: Chocolate Cosmos, Chocolate Dahlias, Chocolate Ti Leaves, Dried Yellow Lotus Pods, Tan Cybmidium Orchids (if available), Uluhe Fern (Monkey Tail), and late Northern Sea Oats

For some tips on how to put all of these beauties together into a stunning flower arrangement, check out Tips for Creating Your Own Flower Arrangements.

Photo Credits:

Red, Orange, Yellow, Green and Purple Arrangements by

Blue Arrangement by The Full Bouquet Blog

White Arrangement by Ruffled Blog

Brown Arrangement by Wedding Bee


  1. I also love Autumn. It is my favorite season, and I always think of it as a time of new beginnings. It represents for me a time of holidays and celebrations with family. Also the cooking that I love -- cozy, comfort foods. Thanks for sharing all those beautiful images!

  2. Dear Sunday,

    Thank you so much! You seem like you have a great eye for beauty and I love the Fall photo of a woman in tweed, cashmere and pearls on your page. So lovely!