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Party Pretty...My Interview with Fashion and Beauty Editor Jennifer Chan

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Another work blog... and this time it's all about how to look party pretty with fashion tips, hair dos and don'ts and make-up tricks, from Beauty and Fashion Editor Jennifer Chan (TypeF, InStyle, Elle, Daily Front Row, etc.) who knows the scoop on how celebrities look so pulled together, and shares her own experience having to party hop for work. What a job!

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Party Pretty...Interview with Fashion and Beauty Editor Jennifer Chan

I feel so blessed to have such a fashion savvy friend as Miss Jennifer Chan. As Fashion and Beauty Editor for, TypeF, and The Daily Front Row, along with contributing to magazines such as In Style, Elle and Real Simple Magazine, she is one of the first to know about new health trends (Piloxing anyone?), beauty products, fashion and more. She hosts a video series scouting unique styles by people just looking fabulous out and about in cities across America, appears on-camera for a myriad of events, products and promotions and attends events nightly both in Los Angeles, and other major cities, to investigate the trends being set by celebs and style moguls. All this, followed by rushing home to write one of her many articles before the New York publishing deadlines at 3 am LA time... and she looks amazing doing it!! Quelle vie!

Over dinner recently, I began to pick her brain about how to look polished and pretty when you're working and going from event to event. In my personal experience, I've found that after a few minutes in one of our kitchens, overseeing and assisting with set-up, bringing products from the car to the event site, and perhaps a few flights of stairs, I no longer feel chic and pulled together, and I really, really want to feel both of those things. Divulging some of her insider tips and experience, Jennifer shares some great make-up and styling advice to make sure we can all be a hot host or hostess, who can handle the heat and look amazing in the kitchen!

What is the best hairstyle for being on-the-go at a party? Any products (anti-humidity, certain types of hairspray, etc.?)

Half-up, half-down is a good go-to, with a few face-framing pieces and plenty of volume at the crown. Twists and braids are also right on trend right now, as well as top buns if you're feeling creative. I tend to wear my hair down and always strive for glam touseled curls. To achieve this, I rely on hot rollers, a ghd flat iron and the best hair sprays in the business: got2B's Glued spray and Voce hair spray. They both last for hours, retain hard-earned volume and maintain styles no matter the climate. I also like Living Proof Root Lifting Spray before I blow dry.

What would be your beauty suggestions for someone who's going to be in the kitchen and preparing to still look pretty when guests arrive?

Set your makeup with a veil of translucent powder (if it's on the oily side) or a spritz of finish spray (if it's on the drier side.) Bare Minerals Hydrating Mineral veil is fantastic, and Skindinavia makes the best spray (with formulas specifically for aging skin, dry skin, etc.) so nothing slides off and there's no creasing, cracking or smudging.

Are their any clothing styles that translate better from party planning mode to pretty party hostess?

I'm dress-obsessed. (Side-Note: This is true as I've never actually seen Jenn in pants, let alone jeans! I'm not even sure she owns them, but if she does, I'm sure they're incredible!) Literally, more than half of my closet is filled with dresses because they're versatile, flattering and always appropriate. You can get dressed in a flash, add heels and you're out the door! Find a silhouette that works for your body type and don't stray from it. Pencil skirts, belts and flirty blouses are also good options for a little variety. And it's a well-known fact that I live for nude heels. You can never have too many pairs, they go with everything and your legs will look fabulous for any event.

Any tips for keeping feet and legs happy as the night goes on?

Foot Petals makes a product called Haute Heels that are life savers! These adhesive little pads stick to the inside of your shoe and shifts your weight in heels, which in turn, creates magical comfort for nights out on the town. You can also take heels into a shoe repair and have them add a layer of cushion to the bottom for additional durability, which simultaneously can ease pain in the process. I love Arturo's Shoe Repair in Beverly Hills.

What makeup lines or products can survive through tastings, sippings and cheek kissings?

I love L'Oreal Infallible Lipstick...great wearability, wide selection of colors and affordable price point. Smashbox and MAC make great gel eyeliners that don't budge, LORAC and Stila have great liquid pen options, too. I set concealer with ColoreScience Corrector Palette, which is amazing and keeps skin from looking dull. I always spritz Skindinavia's finishing spray after I apply makeup to set it for the rest of the day. Keeps everything in place and skin stays fresh and hydrated--my fave!

What are the essentials to have on hand for last minute touch-ups?

A cheerful pink lip gloss (I like MAC's Pink Poodle or Clinique's long last glosswear SPF 15 for a sheer option)--one swipe and you look finished and upbeat. Pressed powder, a bronzer or brightening blush and eyeliner are always in my clutch for late nights on the town.

What's the best way to prepare skin prior to a night out?

Drink plenty of water, hydrate skin with serum and moisturizer and eye cream so the skin is smooth and supple before makeup application. Rohto eye drops also take the red out ASAP and make you look alive and well-rested.

If you'd like to read more about Jennifer's fabulous adventures and beauty and fashion tips, check out and The Fabulous File!!

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