Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Petra Nemcova, Grace Abounds

I've recently been watching Dancing With The Stars, and one of my favorite people is on it, exuding grace, beauty, charm, you name it. I'm speaking of Petra Němcová, the Czech model who was nearly killed and saw her fiance swept away by the powerful waves of the 2004 tsunami in Thailand. Over the years I've wondered about her. In her initial interviews she spoke with so much hope and resilience that I truly wished for her a beautiful life. In the last few years, she started the Happy Hearts Fund which helped to rebuild the communities destroyed by the tsunami and went on to assist with recovery efforts in Hurricane Katrina. She continues to return again and again to areas that are ravaged by natural disasters, such as Haiti and Peru, in an effort to ease the suffering of those that are in the midst of what she herself went through.

On top of all this, she's absolutely gorgeous!! In the latest performance on Dancing With The Stars, the contestants were asked to choose a song that had an emotional meaning to them. Petra chose "You Lift Me Up," a song she heard upon her first return to Thailand, and when she was overcome with how much there was to do, how many were still suffering, she heard the song, and knew she should keep her chin lifted and push forward to make a difference. Here is her performance from this week:

She makes me want to dance, smile, volunteer, moisturize and wear lavender. What a wonderful example of feminine grace!

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  1. Isn't she just beautiful? Everything about her seems swanlike.